What You Can Do About a Stump That Won’t Go Away

If you are interested in the latest trends in stump removal services, then you will definitely want to read this informative article. Specifically, we will discuss some of the more popular techniques being used these days, as well as how they can benefit your property. Hopefully by the time you have finished reading this, you will have some ideas of your own on how to choose the best professional service for your particular circumstances. Remember, that there is no such thing as a tried and tested method. Every business has its own special way of doing things.

One very interesting technique being used today is tree services and products. It is a bit like outsourcing your lawn mowing and stump grinding to a company that specializes in just that. They will come to your home or site, perform the work, and then pick up the materials and dispose of them safely. Of course, before opting for this service, you may want to check with your local authorities to see if there are any laws or regulations that would prevent you from using this technique. In many places, tree services companies will not be allowed to use anything that could damage or kill the plant-life, so make sure you check with your town hall or local government officials before using this method.

Another method of stump removal, which is growing in popularity, is tree stump grinding. Companies who provide this service will come to your place, remove the stump, grind it up, and send it to the recycling center. They do not usually charge much. Some will even offer to remove large stumps for free, if you are only willing to move it some distance. Of course, you will still need to have it picked up later.

Tree removal by burning is becoming quite a popular method, too. They will dig a hole near your property, make some incisions, and then put an appliance that burns the stump inside the hole. You usually need a truck to be able to perform this method successfully, and some insurance companies may not be willing to pay for it. Once the stump is cremated, however, you won’t have to worry about it at all!

Some homeowners choose to use hydraulic hammers for stump removal. This is not really a new idea, but it is growing in popularity. Instead of removing the stump with tools, the hammers will use machinery to do the job. These machines are called “spiders” and they work much like a meat slicer does. You slice the stump to be removed and then the hammers will crack it so that it can be taken away.

Before you sign up with one of these services, however, make sure that it is certified to use the machines. Professional stump grinders use diamond plates to take out the fibrous matter. If it is not, your home could be destroyed! Also, make sure that the company uses only professional equipment because homeowners who have been injured due to using substandard equipment could file a lawsuit against you.

Another method of stump removal is to do it yourself. This will probably be more expensive than using any other method, but it may also be more effective. A tree service would use a robotic arm to pull the stump while a person removes the stump using a shovel. This method can take longer, but it is less messy and you won’t have to worry about damaging the area around your yard or killing any wildlife.

It is important that if you decide to try your own method of stump removal that you research the different methods. Always make sure that the method that you use is humane and that it is effective. Stump removal can be time-consuming, so if you don’t think that you are up to the task, get a professional to do it. It won’t cost you as much, and you might just find that you enjoy doing it.